Unique programme for graduate developers and analysts at FNZ

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Opportunity for graduate developers and analysts!

FNZ is one of the fastest growing FinTech organisation in world so it’s a very exciting time to consider joining this journey.  Furthermore, this is a truly unique Programme targeting the best & brightest Graduates across Europe and offering a route into FinTech with unparalleled learning/career development opportunities. We will train and mentor graduates and offer rapid career advancement and global opportunities to the highest performing individuals together with highly competitive salary and increments after one & two years.
As this is our Elite Graduate Programme, we’re looking for candidates with an extremely strong academic record (high result/graded in degree) and high motivation to forge a career in FinTech.  We will consider Technology Graduates but also Non-Technology Graduates (e.g. Degree in Engineering, Sciences, Mathematics, Accounting, Philosophy, Psychology, etc.) with a demonstrable interest in FinTech - for instance by taking IT workshops and courses.



And how is it to work and live in Brno? See our video: https://bit.ly/2DL28r2

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